50 Tips to Better Development: #3 Learn a Hypervisor

Tip 3: Learn a Hypervisor

Our first two installments in the series covered soft skills, namely learning all you can about the business you’re in, and some options for project planning and estimation. I think it’s about time we heat things up with something a bit more technical.

It is my opinion that every professional developer must learn to use a hypervisor. A hypervisor is software that allows you to build and run virtual computers. A virtual computer works by slicing out a portion of your physical computer’s (usually called “bare metal”).   Then within that virtual slice of resources, you can install an operating system and run it like a separate computer.

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50 Tips to Better Development – Tip #2: Plan Your Project

Before I Jump Into *This* Project Tip…

I think before I launch into my next project tip, I want to tell you a little about my slant on the business of software development.  You need to understand that I am and always have been a capitalist.  I fundamentally believe that innovation and hard work, by any individual or team,  should lead to success in the market.  That success should translate to the bottom line of whatever endeavor to which you apply yourself.

I realize that while this view is not unique, it also isn’t ubiquitous.  Not all software needs to be written for profit.  I can’t name one successful software developer who has never leveraged an open-source tool, language, or operating system at some point in their career.
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