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When learning something new, sometimes you need a deep dive, and a six hour video course is great for that. But other times you just need to know how to do one thing to get your project rolling, or to push it across the finish line. Our µlearning formats deliver tiny, focused, "how-to" chunks in 15 minutes or fewer, so you can get back to the real work.


Focusing on How-To

We're 100% focused on "how-to" making us the perfect adjunct to traditional training formats including video learning, mentoring, classroom education, and self-study. There are plenty of ways to get the theory, but why should you wade through it all over again when you just need a quick "how-to"?


Mostly Totally Free

Keep your credit card. We don't need it. We do sell stuff in our Pro Shop, but most of our content is free. Our designers tell us we need more copy here so the text blocks line up and look more balanced. Free. We had you at free. Why keep talking about it? Eventually, the programmers conceded and put more text here, and yes, it does look nicer all lined up like that. Did we mention it's free?

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µLearning Formats

Micro-learning consists of content focused on one easily digestable learning objective, and is designed to be consumed right when you need it. For example if you have a new project and you are required to set up an Nginx server on Ubuntu, you could find a tutorial here that covers that one thing. If you tried that on any of the video based web sites, you'd probably have to either wade through a bunch of lame amateur videos, or pay hundreds for a professionally developed course that covers everything about Ubuntu, or Nginx and has one video you need and dozens that you don't.

Our µLearning (Micro-Learning) formats are state of the art in the learning and development field. On this site, we focus on four distinct formats designed to maximize impact and retention.


µHow2s are small, focused tutorials that take you through a single task. Perhaps you just need to know how to set up a LAMP server on Ubuntu, or how to start off a responsive HTML 5 UI project using the Materialize CSS framework. These tutorials walk you through the steps needed to complete the tasks.


Naturally, many of the µHow2s fit together like Lego bricks. If you just learned how to set up a LAMP server, it's only natural that you'd next want to initialize the MySQL database, and set up a PHP project. A µBlend is a short course comprised of several µHow2s presented in order.


Let's say, for example, that you know Java and you need to learn C#. A µTransfer tutorial presents material in a language or context you already know, then presents it again in the new context. This reinforces your knowledge of the "known" while simultaneously teaching you something new.


Pilots practice take-off and landing, the most dangerous part of flying, over and over until it becomes "muscle memory". µTouchNGo exercises are designed to be repeated until you master a particular skill by reducing it to "muscle memory". This makes for excellent practice for anyone who is studying or preparing for an interview.

New Content Now Available on YouTube

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Here's a list:
Mock RESTful Data API's with json-server and Faker

Front-end developers can't generally do very much without a working back-end API, until now. Learn to use the json-server Node package to create a mock back-end that responds to all the normal HTTP operations (e.g. GET, POST, etc.) just like a real backend. Then use Faker to generate thousands of records worth of test data in just a few seconds.

Published May 2020 Running Time: 15:00

You can find our courses with several publishers.

Title Year Published Publisher Author Exercise Files
Getting Cruddy with MongoDB Estimated: 6/15/2020 maddevskilz.com Bruce M. Van Horn II None
Building RESTful API's with Flask 2019 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository
Hands On Development with React and Bootstrap 2019 Packt / Udemy Bruce M. Van Horn II Finished Project
Exercise Files
C# Essential Training Part 1: Syntax and Object Oriented Programming 2018 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository
C# Essential Training Part 2: Flow Control, Arrays, and Exception Handling 2018 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository
Visual Studio for Mac 2019 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository
Learning Python with PyCharm 2017 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository
Unity 5 Network Gaming 2017 LinkedIn Learning / Lynda.com Bruce M. Van Horn II GitHub Repository